We give chance to those children in need, to learn for free in our school as one way of helping the society that surrounds us..

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Our Teachers

we have the best trained teachers providing high quality education to our students, growing skills and leading them to dream big.


We teach all subjects corresponding to our government guidance and we use english as our mode of communication and as language of teaching...

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We welcomes you to register your child, according to our school calendar.

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Extra curricular and other Activities

Learning Trips

We provide outside learning tripsto different location so as to make sure our students are bieng provided with the best learning experience.

quality food

Sports and Games

We have many sports and games for all our students as sports are a vital part for growth of a child.


Transport is available for all day students.

About Us

Bright Future Academy is the school located at the heart of Mahenge,Ulanga in Morogoro. Providing Day Care, Nursery and Primary Education, registered with

The school provides two classes in day care, baby and middle class taking a child from 2 years old and with Nursery taking a child from 4 years to 5 years.

The school is has only day education, but we provide transport services for all students in affordable prices.