About Us

Our Motto

To Learn is to change.


To provide Quality and Affordable education to children of Ulanga and other parts of Tanzania.


To have competent and self motivated Generation

Bright Future Academy is the school located at the heart of Mahenge town in morogoro,offering quality education in Daycare, Nursery and Primary.

Our daycare class accept students from 2 to 3 years of age and is comprised of two classes, baby class and middle class and has a duration of 2 years while our Nursery class accept students from 4 to 5 years of age and have a duration of 1 year preparing the students for standard one.Our primary class accepts students as per government requirements.

The school provides food for students with the required menu that stimulate growth and learning, also we provide transport for all students who will opt for it.



Construction of primary school was underway, and we were able to finish construction of several classes for primary required to kick start our primary school program.


We registered our school and we were to start Nursery and Daycare programs and we were able to graduate our students with good peformance.


Primary school has started and we are doing great with our teachers guiding students to perform excellent in their studies but also challenging their intelectual abilities to perform better in the community and because we believe,peforming better in class should go hand in hand with performing better in the community.

Future Plan

As our mission speaks "To provide Quality and Affordable education to children of Ulanga and other parts of Tanzania." we want to expand our grasp from Ulanga Mahenge to all Tanzania regions and starting colleges across Tanzania that will Create bright professionals for the development of the country.

Our Teachers

Much Credit goes to our team of commited teachers, who are doing the great job of educating these young minds to pave way for their future carrier as they enspire them to excellence.

Founders of Bright Future Academy

The school is co-founded by four people, who makes board of directors, who are Nelson John Ngaraguza, Daniel Reuben Shibanda, Thobius Francis Mboya and Alaudin Salim. These are people who decided to make a change in our education by establishing Bright Future Academy.

Nelson John Ngaraguza

Daniel Reuben Shibanda

Thobias Francis Kilawila

Salim Alaudin Almasi